About Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike (also known as CS) is a mode of the well-known Half-Life video game that is part of the class of tactical First-Person Shooter (FPS) games, abbreviated "CS", made by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. This mod has been developed in a number of variants since the original release, which currently includes Counter-Strike Condition Zero, Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike for the Xbox platform. The latest version of this game is Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

    Mods CS 1.6

  • Clasic - Also known as normal or original mode. It is the most common mode used on most servers. The main objective is to eliminate the enemies.
  • Respawn - Or deathmatch, it's quite a popular mode. Players will appear every time they are eliminated. It is a more spontaneous way that can also be used as training.
  • GunGame - It is based on the respawn mode only that the players will be able to advance in levels every time they get a frag. After each frag obtained, they will also receive a more advanced weapon. It ends when one player gets all the weapons.
  • Zombie - Servers with this active mod can be found in two sub-mods, namely Zombie Mod and Zombie Plague. The scenario is identical, a player will become a zombie and will be able to infect other players if he gets close. Zombies have a much higher level of life and the rest of the players get weapons in return.
  • Furien - The fight is between the class of Furians and anti-Furians. Furians can run at high speed and become invisible if they stand still. The anti-furians instead benefit from an increased arsenal of weapons.
  • HNS - Hide n Seek is a fun way where one team has to hide from another team.
  • BB - The abbreviation BB comes from Base Builder. One team must build a base and the other team must find and eliminate enemy players. An interesting way that requires imagination.
  • JB - Jail Break is a mode in which we find two classes, namely prisoners and guards. It is recommended that players have a microphone for fun. Usually the prisoners do not have weapons and the guards do.
  • War3 - Warcraft 3 mode is created after the famous game of the same name. Basically, players will have powers from different races in Warcraft 3 game. Usually they can get armor, higher life, teleportation, etc. Players will start at level 1 and can reach level 25. Each level will increase in power and bring a new spell that they can use.
  • Other mods of CS 1.6: Pokemon mod, Predator Mod, Gladiator Mod, American Footbal Mod, SnowBall mod, Ent mod, CS:GO mod.


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Info For another contry!

All versions of cs16 on our website benefit from the menu in English and are updated to the latest updates from valve. They benefit from client protection and make you immune to certain commands such as... (amx_pika amx_destroy amx_exterminate, cmd, auto connect and others). They are functional on any operating system from windows, linux...etc. HD graphics for any version on the site and good performance in the game, both FPS and low lag. For any other information, please send us an email at ([email protected]).

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